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Data warehouse infrastructure built on top of Hortonwork Apache HIVE.

Hortonworks Apache Hive 0.12.x is a data warehouse infrastructure built
on top of Hortonworks Hadoop 2.4.1 that
provides tools to enable easy data summarization, adhoc querying and
analysis of large datasets data stored in Hadoop files. It provides a
mechanism to put structure on this data and it also provides a simple
query language called Hive QL which is based on SQL and which enables
users familiar with SQL to query this data. At the same time, this
language also allows traditional map/reduce programmers to be able to
plug in their custom mappers and reducers to do more sophisticated
analysis which may not be supported by the built-in capabilities of
the language.

Hive provides:

- HiveQL - An SQL dialect language for querying data in a RDBMS fashion
- UDF/UDAF/UDTF (User Defined [Aggregate/Table] Functions) - Allows user to
  create custom Map/Reduce based functions for regular use
- Ability to do joins (inner/outer/semi) between tables
- Support (limited) for sub-queries
- Support for table 'Views'
- Ability to partition data into Hive partitions or buckets to enable faster
- Hive Web Interface - A web interface to Hive
- Hive Server2 - Supports multi-suer querying using Thrift, JDBC and ODBC clients
- Hive Metastore - Ability to run a separate Metadata storage process
-* Hive cli - A Hive commandline that supports HiveQL

See [http://hive.apache.org]http://hive.apache.org) for more information.

This charm provides the Hive Server and Metastore roles which form part of an
overall Hive deployment.

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Matt Bruzek (mbruzek) wrote :


I took a look at this charm and it fails charm proof.

$ bzr branch lp:~asanjar/charms/trusty/hdp-hive/trunk hdp-hive
Branched 7 revisions.
$ cd hdp-hive
$ charm proof
W: no copyright file
W: README.md includes line 9 of boilerplate README.ex
W: README.md includes line 10 of boilerplate README.ex
W: README.md includes line 13 of boilerplate README.ex
W: README.md includes line 14 of boilerplate README.ex

Please add a copyright and fix the boilerplate.

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status: New → Incomplete
amir sanjar (asanjar)
Changed in charms:
status: Incomplete → Fix Committed
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Antonio Rosales (arosales) wrote :


Thanks for your work on the Hortonworks Hive charm. This will be a solid addition to the growing big data charms in the Juju Charm store.

I noticed that bundle tester is failing on lint:

hdp-hive$ bundletester
    charm-proof PASS
    make lint FAIL

FAIL: cs:trusty/mysql-4::make lint
[/usr/bin/make -s lint exit 2]
make: *** No rule to make target `lint'. Stop.

PASS: 1 FAIL: 1 SKIP:12 Total: 14 (0.451181 sec)

Once this issue is resolved I think the charm will be a solid candidate for the charm store. Please move the status of this bug to "Fix Committed" when this linting issue is resolved.


Changed in charms:
status: Fix Committed → Incomplete
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amir sanjar (asanjar) wrote :


bundletester -e local
INFO:root:Bootstapping Juju Environment...
INFO:deployer.env:bootstraping, this might take a while...
INFO:deployer.env: Bootstrap complete
    charm-proof PASS
    00-setup PASS
    01-deploy-hive-cluster PASS

PASS: 3 Total: 3 (399.624704 sec)

Changed in charms:
status: Incomplete → Fix Committed
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Charles Butler (lazypower) wrote :


I've taken the time to re-review the HDP-Hive charm and I have to say this is a great submission. I see no issues with proof, or readme.

As a suggestion it would be great to have the hdp-helpers.py abstracted into a charmhelpers branch proposal so they can be tracked in the contrib portion of charmhelpers, but we've already discussed this. Everything else seems to be in order.

I'm going to promulgate this charm to the bigdata-charmers branch of the charm store.

the bug tracker can be found here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/trusty/+source/hdp-hive
and the charm is deployable via
juju deploy cs:trusty/hdp-hive

If you have any questions/comments/concerns about the review contact us in #juju on irc.freenode.net or email the mailing list <email address hidden>, or ask a question tagged with "juju" on http://askubuntu.com.

Changed in charms:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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