Comment 7 for bug 1273790

Marco Ceppi (marcoceppi) wrote :

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for you patience in the review process. Unfortunately, it's against store policy to pre-set sensative details, such as passwords, in the config.yaml. These should be empty and require a user to set the password for their deployment. Leaving a default password for deployments opens a potential attack vector on that deployment.

There are various ways to handle this, most charms leave the option blank and won't configure the service until a password is set. Others randomly generate a password if the password option is blank - then change it when the user supplies one. However you choose to implement this make sure you document the process and behavior in your README file so users know what to expect and how to change this behavior.

Finally, the http interface needs both a hostname and a port. It seems the service runs on port 8080, so you'll also need to relation-set port=8080 in the website-relation-joined hook

relation-set hostname=`unit-get private-address` port=8080

Other than that everything else seems to work within the charm. We appreciate your work in getting this charm ready for the store! Once the above items are reviewed and updated move this bug back into either a New or Fix Committed state and a charmer will be by to promulgate the charm in to the charm store!