Comment 1 for bug 1075400

Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

Hi Paul, thanks for submitting, this is pretty cool!

All of these need to be addressed before the charm can be promulgated into the store.

$ charm proof
E: no copyright file
E: Includes template README.ex file
E: README.ex Includes boilerplate README.ex line 11
E: README.ex Includes boilerplate README.ex line 12
E: README.ex Includes boilerplate README.ex line 14
E: README.ex Includes boilerplate README.ex line 15
I: relation web has no hooks
gem install bundler is not secure. You'll need to use the system's ruby-bundler, or download it, and all of its dependencies, securely from (which does offer https, but just doesn't enforce it).

Now, all these next items are just minors/suggestions that can be worked out later, though I strongly encourage you to address them now.

in hooks/install, setting HOME with dirname $0 is not needed. Hooks are always guaranteed to start out in the root dir of the charm. So $PWD at the beginning of the charm is all you need.
if [ -f $HOME/../files/charm/kibana-ruby.tar.gz ]

You need to double-quote the path there. While there's no reason why I'd think we'd ever see spaces in this, its not safe to assume when you're not in control of the directories. Of course, you can also just do

if [ -f files/charm/kibana-ruby.tar.gz ]

Again, no need for HOME.
The static checksumming is not necessary, as github allows downloads via https. That might be easier.
mkdir -p /opt/kibana
cd /tmp
tar xzvf /tmp/kibana-ruby.tar.gz
mv /tmp/rashidkpc-Kibana-*/* /opt/kibana/

This looks like it might not be fully idempotent. Perhaps better to use rsync here.

Next step: I'll assign this bug to you and set to Incomplete. You should change the status back to 'New' when it is ready for review again.