Comment 6 for bug 1073522

Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

Ok, lots of stuff to fix here:

$ charm proof
E: no copyright file
E: Includes boilerplate README.ex line 15

Need to at least fix the E's!

The description needs to explain what this is and why its in the store.

Hooks need to set -e so they will detect problems with the software installation.

pip does not fetch over HTTPS, so those particular bits have to be pulled in manually over https (pypi does have a secure repo of the downloads, pip just doesn't use it yet).

The stop/start hooks might not be idempotent, as they just blindly call the stop/start scripts from charmworld.

Stuff shouldn't be owned/running as the ubuntu user, as it has sudo w/ no password. Create a new user with no privileges for it.