Comment 5 for bug 1780348

James Page <email address hidden> writes:

> Are:
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh1=1024
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh2=2048
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh3=4096
> or
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh1 = 16384
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh2 = 28672
> net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh3 = 32768
> sane changes to always make?

FWIW, we've been running with the first set of values on both internal
and customer clouds for a couple of years now without issue. We're
now running a customer cloud on the 2nd set of values.

I'm also subscribing field-medium to this bug as the current default
values caused a cloud-wide outage today and we really need to get them
bumped up for at least neutron-gateway.