Comment 32 for bug 1671422

David Ames (thedac) wrote :

Potentially as soon as the upgrade from newton to ocata occurred and confirmed
after the bellow topology change, live migrations and snapshots are not working.

Existing instances can be stopped and started but not snapshotted or migrated.
New instances can do all of the above.

Toplogy migration path
juju deploy cs:cinder-ceph
juju add-relation cinder cinder-ceph
juju add-relation cinder-ceph ceph-mon
juju remove-relation cinder ceph-mon
juju add-relation cinder-ceph nova-compute
# If [CEPH] block still in /etc/cinder/cinder.conf update it with any configuration change
juju config cinder debug=True

New instances will have auth_username cinder-ceph and secret-uuid populated.