Comment 31 for bug 1671422

David Ames (thedac) wrote :

Packages from are now available in the cloud:xenial-queens/proposed pocket. Note the "proposed" pocket. The version of the nova packages is 17.0.7-0ubuntu2~cloud0.

This should enable the upgrade from Pike (with the cowboy patch) to Queens proposed with the fix in the packages.

juju config nova-cloud-controller cloud:xenial-queens/proposed
juju config nova-compute cloud:xenial-queens/proposed

Then run the openstack-upgrade action. Note: the rest of the cloud can use cloud:xenial-queens and will need to be upgraded as well.

I have run through a quick and dirty upgrade test (nova only) from newton to queens. Confirmed the problem in ocata and pike and the fix in queens proposed.

The fix was introduced in Stein and therefor will be available for the foreseeable future. This means the fallback to the nova configured ceph authentication will be available until we can confirm a complete migration path from nova-compute<->ceph-mon to the cinder<->cinder-ceph<->ceph-mon topology.