Comment 15 for bug 1799406

Is this a problem with oslo.i18n? The oslo_i18n._message.Message class defines translate() as:

  translate(self, desired_locale=None)

However, the Message class inherits from six.text_type which also has a translate() method but it takes a table (and optional deletechars) argument(s) rather than a locale:

  py2: str.translate(table[, deletechars])
  py3: str.translate(table)

Is this an unfortunate naming of the Message.translate() method or is it actually meant to override the base class method with different argument types?

From oslo_i18n/

class Message(six.text_type):
    """A Message object is a unicode object that can be translated.

    def translate(self, desired_locale=None):
    """Translate this message to the desired locale.