Comment 4 for bug 1677543

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit a9667261067b32639262b5ef8e71923afc4889fb
Author: Alex Kavanagh <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 25 14:10:27 2017 +0100

    Add options.workers to the template

    This change draws on the charms.openstack and layer-openstack-api
    changes to provide the ability to configure the number of workers that
    the designate charm starts.

    Change-Id: I8dec833d5e297f328a6503410c8f6d5aff1c85bd
    Depends-On: I3cea350e536306655f5f109ec67ae7f0fba35fda
    Depends-On: Id4145ffaa622727523003015d7012ece2f0eae4f
    Related-Bug: #1677543