Comment 3 for bug 1264434

ZhiQiang Fan (aji-zqfan) wrote :

In my all-in-one havana on sles 11 sp3 with mongodb as backend storage

here is my output:

# time ceilometer meter-list | wc -l

real 0m0.554s
user 0m0.352s
sys 0m0.028s

# time ceilometer resource-list | wc -l

real 0m3.089s
user 0m0.300s
sys 0m0.040s

The average is 3.089/37=0.083486s

# time ceilometer sample-list -m instance | wc -l

real 0m7.610s
user 0m3.380s
sys 0m0.052s

The average of sample list is 0.761/3921=0.00194s

I think the problem may be caused by improper config option or in the impl_sqlalchemy implementation

as you mentioned that: "I fond there are time-consuming traversal of list." can you provide more detail information
or give a link points to specific line of code?