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Bug #1644268: GnomeDesktop-WARNING **: Failed to load XKB rules file Medium In Progress 161 weeks

From: Jonas G. Drange
Link: patch

New patch, now using g_get_system_data_dirs, which seems to work well.

Bug #1643459: additional writable paths for other system services Undecided New 164 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-misc-create-var-lib-udisks2-in-post-install.patch


Bug #1641505: support adbd emergency shell under systemd Critical In Progress 166 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-Add-adbd-emergency-shell-systemd-support.patch


Bug #1449984: Cannot play videos with AC3 audio codec High Triaged 167 weeks

From: Devid Antonio Filoni
Link: gst-plugins-ugly1.0_1.8.2-1ubuntu0.1~overlay1.debdiff


Bug #1590135: BQ Aquaris M10 cannot successfully connect with LG WebOS SmartTV / Attempts to connect always time out (issue with apparmor profiles?) Undecided In Progress 168 weeks

From: Michael Sievers
Link: usr.sbin.dhcpd.patch

patch 2/2, usr.sbin.dhcpd

Bug #1585534: Display is washed out, hard to read Undecided New 186 weeks

From: ET
Link: p2.diff

make sure that the casted screen is the same resoltion as the output.

Bug #1404188: QNetworkSession::isOpen() always returns false High Confirmed 224 weeks

From: Timo Jyrinki
Link: apparmor_allow_qnetworksession_isopen.patch


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