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Florian Bach (leseratte10) wrote (last edit ):

Thanks a lot, I didn't know that that was possible. That's way easier than compiling Calibre.

The mentioned issue with the wrong file type extension is now fixed; thanks.
There's just one small thing remaining:

When I import an ACSM file into Calibre using the GUI, for which I already have that same book, Calibre first runs all the FileTypePlugins, then asks me "do you want to add this duplicate anyways", and I click "Yes" or "No" depending on what I want, and if I clicked "Yes" then the book is added.

When I do that through the web UI, it first runs all the FileTypePlugins once, then asks me "Do you want to add the duplicate", and I click "Yes", then it re-runs all the FileTypePlugins again with the same source file.

While not an issue in general (running a FileTypePlugin twice in a row with the same input file should "generate" the same resulting file), I do not really like that as it means my plugin is going to be contacting the Adobe servers twice in a row and downloads the book a second time unnecessarily.

Is it possible to make the Calibre Webserver import the book copy that's already been processed by the FileTypePlugins, instead of having it re-run the source ACSM file through all the plugins again upon clicking "Add anyway"?