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Platform: Windows 10
Calibre Version: v5.0.1

# 'Copy to Clipboard' button in the toolbar does not copy selected text

## Steps for reproduction

1. Open an ePub file.
2. Activate a toolbar in the left side of the Calibre viewer. (Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Show a toolbar with the most useful actions)
3. Select a text segment and click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button in the toolbar.

## Expected behavior (the behavior in v4.23)

The text segment is copied to clipboard in various formats (including HTML).

## Actual behavior (the behavior in v5)

Nothing happens. It doesn't copy anything, even as a plain text.

I tried turning off Windows Security protection feature and Firewall, but it doesn't help.

## Related behavior

Until v4.23, pressing `Ctrl+C` after selecting text used to copy the content to the clipboard in both the plain text and the HTML format. (See, post #1)

In v5.0, `Ctrl+C` copies the content only in the plain-text format; all the HTML formatting is lost.