Comment 3 for bug 1831358

I disable font size rescaling, convert to epub, and it is still the case
that some subscripts are considerably larger than others--indeed, as
large as the characters they are subscripts of. Here is an example. If
you look at Q'_W in the third line, the W is the same size as the Q, and
similarly for P_W in the final line. Compare that to the Q'_W at the end
of the first line.

For comparison, here is the same passage in Word. If I look at those two
subscripts in Word (see below), they are the same size, and when I check
Format:Font they have identical formatting.

Also, as you can see, even the smaller subscripts in the epub are
considerably larger than in Word.

On 6/1/19 11:24 PM, Kovid Goyal wrote:
> Turn off font size rescaling in the Look & feel section of the
> conversion dialog and you should be fine.
> ** Changed in: calibre
> Status: New => Fix Released
David Friedman