Comment 2 for bug 1700109

On Sat, 24 Jun 2017, Kovid Goyal wrote:

It doesn't matter if I set margins on body{}, @page{} or any other container
wrapped around a complete page, the problem is either Calibre or the QT
library you're using. Because:

in my stylesheet I have:

* {

for various reasons. If I disable "-webkit-box-sizing" and "box-sizing" the
problem goes away and I can play with "Text layout in paged mode".

QUESTION: as on some layouts I do I need box-sizing. Is it possible to
target either Calibre or the QT library using a specific @media-query?

BTW: I've been using the *{} code to set "box-sizing" for some time now, on
old and new webkit browsers [Safari] and never had a problem with. Gecko,
Blink and Windows browsers handle this fine, as far as I can see.



> You want to control page margins, do it via "Text layout in paged mode"
> in the viewer settings. Not by setting body margins. body margins are
> not used in paged mode.
> status fixreleased
> ** Changed in: calibre
> Status: New => Fix Released

klaus schallhorn