Comment 2 for bug 1648589

David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Firstly, my apologies for not responding to this before. I remember looking at this when it first came in, but I seem to have forgotten to reply. Actually, I have this horrible feeling that I wrote a response and then forgot to press the post button.

In any case, the reason for this is:

The Kobo devices use an internal database to show you what is on the device. Any books added to the device are processed and added to the database. For sideloading, this is done when the device is disconnected from the PC.

The KoboTouch driver finds books on the device by reading the internal database. It doesn't look anywhere else for books. When you send a book to the device, it is put on the device ready to be processed, but it is not added to the Kobo's database. It is added to the list that calibre maintains of what books are on the device. If you eject the Kobo device, let it process the new books and connect again, calibre will read the database and find the books. But, if you close calibre and restart it without ejecting the device, the new books are not in the database.

The same happens if you use the "Refresh the list of books on the device". This runs the same process that is used when the device is first seen or calibre is restarted. Hence the books are no longer seen.

The book size after it is sent is something in calibre. I remember looking at this and I couldn't quickly see a way to see the size. But, if you send the book to a Kobo device and it appears in the device list, it will be on the device.

Now, if the book doesn't appear in the library list after you have disconnected the device, or it doesn't appear in calibres device list the next time you connect the device, then there is a problem. You seem to be saying the book is not seen by the device when you eject it. If the book was on the device, and is not processed into the internal database on eject, that is a problem with the device, not calibre. If this is the case, it is not likely to be a problem with calibre. It's something happening on the device. If so, it would be better to discuss this in the Kobo section of the MobileRead forum.