Comment 10 for bug 1523291

Jeff Walker (jeffwalker99) wrote :

The Epic Saga of the Kobo Aura HD continues...

Starting at the position where Calibre can't open the database, today I tried a different procedure for copying a book to the Micro SD card.

First I switched off the Kobo and removed the Micro SD card.

Using an adapter I then plugged the card into my iMac (it has a card slot).

Then I copied the book from my iMac to the Micro SD card.

Then I ejected and removed the Micro SD card from the iMac.

Then I inserted the Micro SD card back into the Kobo and switched on the Kobo.

The Kobo booted up and the book I copied across was there.

Then I connected the Kobo to my iMac and ran Calibre and ... wait for it ... Calibre was able to open the database.

So I used Calibre to remove the new book I copied to the Micro SD card, quit Calibre and ejected the Micro SD card from the iMac. As usual, the Kobo device also ejected itself and the iMac complained about it not being ejected properly.

Then I reconnected the Kobo to the iMac, waited for the device and the card to mount, ran Calibre and ... wait for it ... "Error communicating with device: unable to open database file".

So I immediately used the Firefox SQLite Manager to open the' KoboReader.sqlite' database directly from the Kobo and ran the "Check Integrity" option; when it finished it said 'Checked Integrity of the database using "PRAGMA integrity_check". Result: OK'.

I think this suggests that the problem is not caused by a corrupted database. I think it is all now pointing towards the problem being caused by the iMac not ejecting the Kobo device properly.