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Irene Peroni (irene-peroni) wrote :

hello again, and thanks for your reply. I wanted to look into this before getting back to you. Yes, what happened several times, regardless of the size of the cover I had downloaded, is that once I ejected the device, the cover was in fact very small on my Kobo ("implies" was the wrong choice of verb, I am not a native speaker, sorry). So it appeared small both in the device list AND the device itself.
I have now done this several more times, and covers are now the right size on the device (even though they still sometimes appear small in the device list - again, regardless of the real picture size).
So the problem is solved without me knowing exactly what happened. I suspect it's related to my Kobo rather than on Calibre, though. am saying this because when I access my Kobo through Kobo desktop, it shows that my "library" as empty, while in fact there are more than 40 books in it.
Can I just ask you where I can find the "Upload covers for books" option you mentioned? I am quite new to Calibre, and cannot find it. Thanks again for your help!