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David Forrester (davidfor) wrote :

Firstly,it has been a while since I change anything in the Kobo driver related to covers. And then it only has an affect on the device if one of the cover options are selected in the driver configuration.

having said that, I am not sure what you saying. You seem to have:

- Changed a cover using edit metadata
- Sent the book to the device
- Looked in the device list for the book. Saw the cover displayed very small.
- Ejected the device and saw the cover was very small (I'm not sure you did this as you say "implies that it's too small" which doesn't actually mean you checked).

I think this all comes down to the dimensions of the cover image you chose. What are they? They are displayed in the bottom right corner of the image in the "Edit Metadata" dialog. Though this can be turned off. The smaller the dimensions, the smaller the image displayed in various places.

It also depends on the driver options. If you have the "Upload covers for books" option set, the image is sized for the device and copied. If the "Keep cover aspect ratio" is set, the same happens except for the largest size used by the sleep cover. In this case, the cover image is copied unchanged.

If you don't have these options set, then the device generates the cover image from the first page of the book. Open the book on the device, look at the first page, that is what is used for the cover. If the cover image is small and displayed on the page without resizing, then the cover image the device uses will show that.

This also means it depends on the code in the book used to display the cover image. This can just display the image, or it can resize it to fit the screen. When the book is sent to the device, calibre replaces the cover in the book with whatever is in the library. If this is smaller than the original image, then it might display as a smaller on the screen.

Can you check the above? If you can attach a sample book and cover image, that would make it easy to check what is happening.