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thank you for this.
before i contacted calibre - one thing that happened when i try to bulk "send to device"
(n.b. i have nearly 1000 free ebooks - most converted into into epub format which need the meta data fixing so they display properly in my kobo touch),
was that the "send to device" crashed after the first few got sent;
which is one reason why i tried to fix the ebooks on the sd card via calibre
while the kobo was attached to my computer; it takes forever to do it individually - {and it added the folder as well!}

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> From: David Forrester <email address hidden>
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>Sent: Wednesday, 19 June 2013, 6:33
>Subject: [Bug 1180507] Re: calibre will not edit epub books on sd card
>Firstly, my apologies as I seem to have completely missed replying to
>this. I can think of a reason I delayed which I'll get to, but it
>shouldn't have been this long.
>OK, I got interpreted this incorrectly.  You want to fix the metadata
>the device has after the book is sent. Strictly, to do this, you need to
>delete the book and resend it. The reason for doing this is that the
>device processes each book the first time it sees the book. It extracts
>the metadata and other info and puts it in an internal database. This
>database is used for the library. It you replace the copy of the book
>with updated metadata, the device will actually remove the book
>completely from the device.  The Kobo driver in calibre has a method to
>prevent this, but it can't force the reread of the metadata.
>Your transfer sounds a bit strange. If you use the "Send to device'
>button, it should just copy the book. It sounds like you are using "Save
>to disk" to put the book on the device.  You can change the preferences
>for "Save to disk" to only save the book file, but "Send to device" is
>the better way to do it. "Send to device" uses the KoboTouch driver
>which has many configuration options including setting the path where
>the book is put.
>Now part of the reason that I think I delayed responding is that I have
>had a plugin in development for a while to at least partly solve this
>problem. I had been planning to release this for a while and I think I
>saw your reply and put of replying until I had released the plugin.
>The new plugin is the "Kobo Utilities" plugin. It includes a lot of
>different functions, but one is to update the metadata in the device
>database from the calibre library. The first release went out last week
>and it can be installed through the calibre plugin installation. See
> for details of
>the plugin.
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>  calibre will not edit epub books on sd card
>Status in calibre: e-book management:
>  Triaged
>Bug description:
>  kobo touch
>  browser firefox
>  os windows xp
>  also calibre says "error communicating with device"
>  yet it had just loaded the list of books on the card!
>  what i am trying to do is correct the data so that it appears correctly on my kobo reader
>  this bug has been around for at least 3 updates
>  definatly the last 2 - last version 0.9.27 now updated to version 0.9.30
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