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Thanks for your reply - I am already aware of dotepub, actually I mentioned
it in the request.

I am actually looking for an intelligent way of linking dotepub with
calibre seamlessly. I currently download many articles (say 50 to 100 per
week) and it is time consuming to convert them and add them to calibre by
hand, a tool to join dotepub and calibre would be wonderful.

And since calibre is already quite good at making things simple with
e-books I thought this would be a good fit.

Anyway I'll see if someone else comes up with something better soon.


On 4 June 2012 01:20, Vladimir Nunez <email address hidden> wrote:

> Dom,
> for this feature I use with success the following :
> That create an epub that I can directly add into Calibre and read...
> Easy!
> good luck
> Vladimir
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> Title:
> Feature request - download articles into ebooks
> Status in calibre: e-book management:
> New
> Bug description:
> I would like a feature (if possible) that downloads articles or
> webpages and converts them into ebooks into your library. This could
> work like or using the dotepub conversion tool.
> It would be great also if this feature could be accessed through a
> magnet link, for example:
> - I am browsing the web and I come across an article like:
> - I change the web address to: calibreconvert://
> - Calibre sends the url to dotepub and saves the resulting ebook in your
> library
> Happy for other ideas and suggestions, but I'm sure this would help
> anyone who spends a lot of time reading articles on the web from
> varied sources.
> Currently using: version 0.8.52 on Windows 7
> Cheers,
> Dom
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