Comment 0 for bug 1823569

I have tested this a couple of times, and will attach a text file of terminal output.

I was installing the beta of Lubuntu 19.04 (03/26), and manually editing partitions.

I had edited a partition, and either hit "Enter" from the partition name field, or clicked on "OK" (depending on which partition I was editing at the time).

I realized that I had made a mistake that I wished to correct, so I clicked immediately on "Edit",
and Calamares disappeared.

I re-invoked Calamares, and when I reached the point where I was editing partitions, I intentionally did the same thing - this time, noting that after the Edit window left, that a) no partition was selected (not the partition I had been editing, nor any other) and b) that the "Edit" button was blue (the same color used for selected partitions).
I clicked on "Edit", and Calamares disappeared, as I had expected.

Third time, I searched for the exec line in the Calamares .desktop file, and invoked Calamares from the terminal. All happened exactly as before.

All lines in the text file except the SegFault appeared BEFORE I clicked on Edit.
The final line is:
"bash: line 1: 3096 Segmentation fault sudo -E calamares"

(whether any of the previous lines indicate something needing to be addressed (whether relating to this issue or not), I will leave to your expertise...)

calamares 3.2.4-0ubuntu1
calamares-settings-lubuntu 1:19.04.3
calamares-settings-ubuntu-common 1:19.04.3
partitionmanager 3.3.1-5