Comment 4 for bug 640398

2010/9/17 Matthieu Baerts <email address hidden>

> This is strange... but can you try to change the effect when you click on a
> icon/applet
> => Open the config panel / Advanced Mode / Animated Icons
> --
> if I click on an icon a piece of plane disappears
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> Status in Cairo-Dock : Core: New
> Bug description:
> I'm using cairo-dock 2.2 rc1
> This happans under ubuntu lucid & maverick
> Also when synaptic finishes a work and rotate, a piece of plane under the
> icon is covered by a halo
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For each effect I apply on applets and applications, it compares an halo.
On launchers, the surrounding ground disappear

In addiction to this the effect wave doesn't work using cairo: nothing

It may be helpful the terminal welcome:


    Cairo-Dock version: 2.2.0-0rc1
    Compiled date: Sep 5 2010 22:50:27
    Running with OpenGL: 0

warning :

  while opening module '/usr/lib/cairo-dock/' :
( cannot open shared object file: No such file or
_cd_find_volume_name_from_drive_name: assertion `pDrive != NULL' failed
warning :

  while listing user packages in '(null)' : Error opening directory
'/home/sfx/.config/cairo-dock/third-party': No such file or directory

Now I've found that cairo-dock -o works and gives no problems.