Comment 43 for bug 1321750

Joshua Panter (josh.p) wrote :

There are several use cases where caffeine worked well for me as it was, with preferences and a toggle switch.

The first major case: it created a hands off way to suppress the screen saver/sleep function by simply putting the system on caffeine when certain processes were running, such as an update, a media trans-code, any sort of batch processing, etc. Once these processes were complete, caffeine would go to sleep, and normal functioning would resume. This was the main reason I used this app. Having the elegance and simplicity of a preferences UI to set this in was very nice.

The second major use case is related to the first, and fairly simple: when I walk away from my machine for a minute, and get caught up doing other tasks, my screen goes dark. This sounds like a regular phenomena, and so not a big issue, except that, running sound through my hdmi port, when the screen goes dark, the sound dies out. Now, every time I walk away from the computer, I have to full screen my sound player just to keep the sound running? Removing the aforementioned preference gets in the way, and adds steps to me using the system in a normal way. With the preferences, it allowed my system to get out of the way, it filled a gap.

The third case is the toggle, for those times when you just need to toggle that off.

Changing caffeine to ONLY work when something goes full screen completely changes what caffeine IS, imho. I appreciate the full screen option, but you took away every other feature for the one single feature that you prefer. You killed an app.

Gizmochicken, in comment #39, makes a wonderful suggestion. Re-branding the work that you have done as "Caffeine Lite" or something similar, seems appropriate, as you essentially forked Caffeine. It does not take market research to realize that users use an app for the features that it has, and to strip those features is to kill the app. Re-branding, and bringing back 2.5 as Caffeine proper, would be appropriate, IMO.

Thank you for the work that you do, please return the simplicity of the features as they were.