Comment 33 for bug 1321750

Tynach (tynach2) wrote :

Reuben, I think the important thing to keep in mind when making large changes like this, is that you cannot assume your userbase to be of one type of person. You can't even assume *most* of your userbase to be of a certain type of person. Instead, you have to perform 'market research', so to speak. Post on forums, social media, whatever, and ask those who use your program how they use it and what they would think of such changes.

If the reaction is overwhelmingly positive, great! Perform the changes, and see if the vocal minority speaks up after you 'break it', and then you can calmly refer to where you asked for feedback before committing the changes and found most people clearly wanted it to be the new way. However, if you get mostly *negative* feedback, then you were clearly wrong about the way most of your users used the application, and you should re-think your strategy.

I think it's great news that you're re-thinking your decision, but I also feel it'd be interesting to get a less biased set of opinions elsewhere. This bug report thread is going to be seen mostly only by people who are complaining about the change to begin with; it'd be nice to see a good balance of opinions from both those who enjoy and don't enjoy the changes.