Comment 2 for bug 412930

>>>>> John A Meinel <email address hidden> writes:

    > I don't think distributions should be setting an
    > environment variable as the recommended way to set this up.

Right, whatever mean we see fit, the point is to be able to
control *all* parts of that path.

    > I think we can come up with ways to have plugin paths that
    > include both system-wide and user-specific location that
    > the user has some control over.

Right, any specifics may be ? ;-)

    > In all cases, though, I would recommend simplifying the
    > setup as much as we can, rather than complicating
    > everything.

    > There was also a discussion about having a specific plugin
    > enable/disable flags in config settings, which might
    > alleviate some of this.

That's sufficiently different I think to keep separate bugs, but
having full control may also help address the case of the plugin
devs that want to activate one version while deactivating
another for a given command.

The main aim here is specifically to be able to *ignore*
system-wide plugins.

I don't mind leaving the bzrlib/plugins always active but that
sounds a bit incomplete.

So how about --no-site-plugins and --no-core-plugins instead ?