Comment 23 for bug 367545

Bobby Powers (bobbypowers) wrote :

I am unable to checkout lp:mysql-server on a machine with 16 GB of ram!

[ 971.087983] Out of memory: Kill process 1694 (bzr) score 956 or sacrifice child
[ 971.087986] Killed process 1694 (bzr) total-vm:15870528kB, anon-rss:15588084kB, file-rss:16kB
[bpowers@fina src]$ bzr --version
Bazaar (bzr) 2.5.0
  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python 2.7.3
  Python standard library: /usr/lib64/python2.7
  Platform: Linux-3.5.0-rc3+-x86_64-with-fedora-17-Beefy_Miracle

Note the rss usage: 15588084kB