Comment 32 for bug 109114

If you state it like that, I truely understand why it's not fixed yet. It
is great that Canonical sponsors the work done on BZR, and if the
priorities for huge files is not on their list (right now), then so be it.

However, a lot of people pick up BZR and want to use it professionally
because it looks and feels as a mature product. Then they are set back if
they reach this limitation and are forced to look for other tools. As
subversion administrator at work I would love to also introduce BZR as
alternative but as long as this limitation is in place I can't..

So, I do understand that Cananical does not consider it as a high priority
to put on the roadmap, but as the tool matures and is used more and more,
it needs to be addressed at some time.

In any case, all the work done on BZR is greatly appreciated by me. It is
by far the easiest and most likeable version control tool around.

With regards,
- Jorgen