Comment 21 for bug 109114

ANelson (anelson) wrote :

This issue is preventing me from using bazaar at all.

My team of Windows developers have an SVN repos with ~24000 revisions, ~50k files, ~25GB repository size. I'm trying to migrate it to bzr with 'bzr svn-import'. This keeps running out of memory on my 64-bit Win7 box with 12GB of RAM.

Part of the problem is the fact that the Windows binaries are always 32-bit, so have a maximum address space of 4GB when run under a 64-bit OS (2GB under 32-bit Windows). However, jelmer on #bzr irc suggested I report this issue under this bug, since the primary reason it's a problem is bzr's seemingly insatiable thirst for memory.

To reproduce my problem, I've created a simple SVN repos consisting of a single large (100MB) binary file, and one revision to that file which extends it to 250MB. This simulates the actual revision in our production repository that we are unable to convert. If you download this repos and try to import it on a Windows box with the bzr 2.1.0 binaries installed, you will find you run out of memory. I've compressed the SVN repository files into a 200MB 7-zip archive:

If I was having this problem with a 1GB+ file, I'd be a bit more understanding, but supposedly bzr requires about 3x the size of a file, which in my case would mean 750MB; clearly that's not the case since memory is being exhausted.

This memory usage issue combined with the 32-bit binaries is preventing me from using bzr. I really don't want to be stuck in merge hell with svn, but with both Mercurial and bzr suffering the same problem, it doesn't look good for me.

Is there any way this issue can be upgraded from 'wishlist' to something higher?