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Alexander Belchenko (bialix) wrote : Re: [Bug 314654] Re: project.cfg: remove COMPONENTS and SUBPROJECTS lists from [PROJECT] section and use explicit sections for components

Alexander Belchenko пишет:
> Marius Kruger пишет:
>> Is there a reason why we have to quote the element names?
>> I think we can make the quoting optional or just not quote it.
>> eg.
>> [component foo]
> Well, it was designed after git modules format.
> Perhaps we can omit quotes. I'm just found quotes easier to parse.
>>From other hand I've used very strict regex and allow only ASCII-alpha chars,
> digits and minus and underscore signs. So quotes are not strictly needed
> because space sign is not allowed.

OK, thinking further I'd say quotes should be optional but supported.