Comment 30 for bug 347729

Just for information, here's an expanded version of Ryan's original script showing that, we need to add colons to the marks read by bzr fast-import, but the colons need to be absent for bzr fast-export to work:

mkdir bzr-temp
cd bzr-temp
bzr init
touch a
bzr add a
bzr commit -m "yep"
cd ..
mkdir git-temp
cd git-temp
git init
bzr fast-export --export-marks=.git/bzr-upstream --git-branch=bzr/upstream ../bzr-temp > .git/temp1
git fast-import --export-marks=.git/git-upstream < .git/temp1
git checkout -b local_branch bzr/upstream
touch b
git add b
git commit -m "yepppppppppp"
git fast-export --import-marks=.git/git-upstream --export-marks=.git/git-upstream HEAD > .git/temp2
sed 's/^\([0-9][0-9]* \)/:\1/' .git/bzr-upstream > .git/bzr-upstream-colons
cd ..
cd bzr-temp
bzr fast-import --import-marks=../git-temp/.git/bzr-upstream-colons --export-marks=../git-temp/.git/bzr-upstream-colons ../git-temp/.git/temp2
echo 'something' > c
bzr add c
bzr commit -m 'adding c'
cd ..
cd git-temp
bzr fast-export --import-marks=.git/bzr-upstream --export-marks=.git/bzr-upstream --git-branch=bzr/upstream ../bzr-temp > .git/temp3
git fast-import --export-marks=.git/git-upstream --import-marks=.git/git-upstream < .git/temp3