Comment 23 for bug 347729

Just the commands to reproduce (without the output):

(assuming you do not have a directory called /tmp/t)

cd /tmp
mkdir t
cd t
mkdir b
cd b
bzr init
echo foo > f
bzr add f
bzr commit -m 'add f'
echo bar >> f
bzr commit -m 'add bar'
cd ..
mkdir g
cd g
git init
git config git-bzr.b_remote.location /tmp/t/b
mkdir -p /tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git
bzr fast-export --export-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-bzr-map --git-branch=b_remote /tmp/t/b |git fast-import --export-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-git-map
git branch b_local b_remote
git checkout b_local
echo baz >> f
git commit -a -m 'add baz'
git fast-export --import-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-git-map --export-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-git-map HEAD |(cd /tmp/t/b && bzr fast-import --import-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-bzr-map --export-marks=/tmp/t/g/.git/bzr-git/b_remote-bzr-map -)