Comment 18 for bug 347729

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 05:46:59PM -0000, SirVer <email address hidden> wrote:
> Gabriel, while you are right that this is a bug in the report (because
> git doesn't track empty files), the error goes deeper than that. My bug
> description (#12) is still persistent with or without my patch.

Exactly, this has nothing with empty files. Anyway git *does* track
empty files, it just doesn't track empty directories.

Regarding "how should it look like", it's up to the given
vcs-fast-import/export implementation, it just has to be consistent.
FWIW both git and darcs implementations use: one ":foo bar" / line,
where foo is an int (mark number) and bar is the (persistent) id of the