Comment 1 for bug 680373

On 23 November 2010 17:17, Greg <email address hidden> wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> I'd like to see 'Bookmarks' appear as the visible tab when Bazaar
> Explorer is started. It currently shows 'Recently Opened'.
> I have two reasons for this: 1) I bookmark locations because I want to
> remember them and use them regularly, I'll visit 'recently opened' on
> occasion if needed 2) I have observed new users getting confused, trying
> to locate a project, which has been bookmarked for them.
> It is quite possible other people will disagree with this choice, so it
> would therefore be best to allow the default tab to be configurable.

You've identified quite a worthwhile bug there, but I think making it
configurable is not the best fix. The new users most likely to be
confused by this are the ones least likely to explore configuration.

(If we did want configuration we could simply make it remember the last state.)

Perhaps we can instead show, under headings, both some bookmarks and
some recent locations?

> It
> would also be nice to have an option to clear the recently opened list
> as it can be cluttered with test and migration locations which can be
> confusing (particularly when they have similar names).

That's definitely a separate bug.

> As a side note, the start (Welcome) screen is really quite busy for an
> interface, it has collapsible pages, each page may have a side bar and
> its own tabs, and there is a tabbed bar at the bottom of the screen, not
> to mention the standard tool bar and menu.  I have introduced Bazaar
> Explorer to a number of new users and observed their confusion with this
> interface.

I agree with that too.