Comment 4 for bug 280888

Russel Winder (russel) wrote :

OK, that sounds good.

Currently I have installed bzr-eclipse 1.1.0 newly installed from

If I use the context menu over a closed project when I select the Team entry I see a two item submenu with a selectable "Apply patch..." and a greyed out "Share project...".

When I open a project using Bazaar, I get the "Bazaar refreshing" in the bottom right corner for a while and everything seems fine. The project context menu Team entry has all the expected Bazaar entries, they are all greyed out except "Disconnect". The file context menu Team entry has a different set of Bazaar entries all greyed out except the bottom one which is "Show local history".

So it seems that unloading and reloading the Bazaar plugin has cleared up whatever mess I had. However, I am wondering why all the menu entries are greyed out.

Also I have correctly got a question make annotation on the bottom right of a file that is not known to Bazaar, but I do not have a Bazaar annotation on the icons of the files that are actually in need of having changes committed -- shouldn't there be a black asterisk on these?

So significant progress :-) but... :-(

Thanks for helping out on this so promptly, it is much appreciated.