Comment 4 for bug 685571

On Sun, 2010-12-05 at 19:28 +0000, Michael Lustfield wrote:
> > That's a very different issue though. You can already specify an
> > explicit revision to check out in a recipe, and what you are looking for
> > would (if I understand correctly) be covered by a new revspec
> > ("lasttag:") in Bazaar.
> You can use lasttag: in a recipe? What I had in my head was to avoid having to
> update the recipe so you only need to update the relevant branches (including a
> tag) and everything else magically works.
Ah, sorry. I thought you meant that you wanted to build the latest
tagged revision rather than tip ("Even just being able to grab a tag
would be amazing...")

I agree that having a {lasttag} variable in the recipe's version string
would be useful, but it still doesn't allow you to talk about e.g. alpha
revisions, where the final version hasn't been committed yet (so can't
be tagged).

It will also only work for a subset of upstreams. Samba's tags are named
e.g. release-4-0-0alpha13. {lasttag} would still not be very useful in
that case.