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Hi again. I noticed your two posts to me in reverse order. In my other response I posted my best guess that I was using v2.80 from debian unstable. That version does not create a directory under .local.

I've looked in launchpad, and see canonical has realeased version 4, so debian is a bit behind...

As for what I wanted... Well, I dislike having to scroll through a cluttered home directory. I want(ed) no .byobu there. If in version 4, the entry is only a symlink for your convenience, does that mean that users (OK, me) can safely delete the symlink (ie. byobu does not internally use the symlink)?

I'm downloading and upgrading to version 4.

All the best.

--- On Tue, 5/10/11, Dustin Kirkland <email address hidden> wrote:

> From: Dustin Kirkland <email address hidden>
> Subject: [Bug 780081] Re: conform to freedesktop standard
> To: <email address hidden>
> Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 5:23 PM
> Hi!  Thanks for the report.
> So, a few releases back we move all of ~/.byobu into
> ~/.local/share/byobu, for XDG reasons.  ~/.byobu is a
> symlink for legacy
> reasons (and because it annoys the hell out of me to cd to
> ~/.local/share/byobu instead of ~/.byobu, all day, every
> day).
> Can you please be very, very specific what it is that you
> want?  And
> could you please provide a patch?
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> Incomplete
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> Title:
>   conform to freedesktop standard
> Status in byobu:
>   Incomplete
> Bug description:
>   Y'all keep your files in $HOME/.byobu while
> freedesktop suggests
>   $XDG_CONFIG_DIR etc.
>   This is bemusing (not amusing, just bemusing)
> because byobu is a
>   wrapper for gnu-screen, which DOES conform to that
> freedesktop
>   standard.
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