Comment 3 for bug 386363

Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote :

Sorry, we're going to need to reasonably ensure a lack of collisions.

Also, a perfect "toggle" would require storing state, and conditionally executing one action, or another depending on the state. Screen doesn't really support that sort of advanced operation on key bindings.

However, I have gotten this to work really nicely with two separate keys, one to enable, and the other to disable:

ctrl-a-( enables
ctrl-a-) disables

It seems to work pretty well.

I know you want to avoid "finger acrobatics", however, we're going to need to use the ctrl-a (or your custom defined escape sequence) to keep from colliding with other userspace programs (see your original complaint about mc). Also, most of the non-symbol characters are already taken by screen built-ins (see ctrl-a-?).

As such, I think "(" and ")" make reasonable sense, and compliment one another.

Committed revision 507, will be in 2.11 release.