Comment 6 for bug 1652713

Johnny Rogers (jrogers-f) wrote :

Hello again, I put back the power saver option and screen lock option again just made whatever settings and played solitaire on other PC for 10 minutes... Just this time I get a switch user box /password box not regular login screen box etc.

I switched user "option" and it flickered a little and took me to regular login box, and entered password and it flickered again and took me straight to desktop. I haven't really done anything to this PC/tower after installing Budgie-Remix on it, so I might attempt another installation of it and see if it happens again after doing update/dist-upgrade...

Is it better to set up my own partitions with LVM/encryption or let it handle it itself through normal installation medium? I'd like to give 50GB to root, 8GB swap, 500MB for /boot and rest for /home and etc.