Comment 13 for bug 1652713

Johnny Rogers (jrogers-f) wrote :

Alright, here's basically my motherboard for the Optiplex 755 Mini Tower...

I found this graphics card on ebay for 24.99 free shipping and it's used.

XFX HD-545X-ZQH2 Radeon HD 5450 Graphic Card - 650 MHz Core - 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM -

If that works, I might get it, but of course will just have to use VGA cable... because don't have money then to buy the DVI-D dual/single link cable and I'm not using LG Flatron monitor on main tower with linux either.. the ViewSonic monitor is the main monitor I use and it only has VGA port in back of it.

I do notice some tearing as I scroll down page with mouse too, as I scroll down with mouse wheel it looks like "tearing" from top left to lower right corner of monitor. I dunno why, but in Windows 7 I didn't have issues with it.. seems like Budgie Remix don't like ViewSonic. I didn't try other Linux distros yet either so maybe the issue won't be there in other distros...