Comment 4 for bug 126911

Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

<lifeless> vila: I think you are massively oversimplifying the headache of setting up ssh or http.
<lifeless> vila: by about 10000:1 in terms of time vs what I am proposing we be able to offer.
<vila> apt-get sshd
<vila> adduser sprint
<lifeless> also in terms of requiring root access or other such things
<lifeless> you just failed twice.
<lifeless> three times in fact
<lifeless> a) requires you have internet. b) both commands need root access.
<jamesh> lifeless: you could always use cvs-pserver style authentication
<lifeless> jamesh: right; we've even got the code for that :)
<jamesh> it has good error codes
<vila> oooh, wow, who don't have internet + root access on its local machine in sprints ?
<vila> anyway, put the importance back to high if you prefer
<lifeless> vila: no internet is actually fairly common. Last sunday that happened to me.
<spiv> Sprints/conferences regularly have poor internet access :(
<vila> I thought we were talking about LAN access inside the sprint
<jamesh> vila: setting up a properly locked down ssh account requires a few extra steps
<lifeless> vila: as for no root - not everyone owns their own laptop, having root is not guaranteed, to be really usable this stuff needs to be doable on the fly as the main user.
<jamesh> vila: I might trust the other people to pull from the branches I am publishing, but don't really want to provide access to everything else on the system
<vila> ok, ok, I'll go hide under a rock :)
<lifeless> vila: think 'right click on bzr's gui. Select share branches. click add branch. select the path, and click on 'authenticated''
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<lifeless> vila: so the question for me is 'is the complexity worth it', not 'can people survive without it'
<vila> user is always right, forget my hacker style solution :)