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Vincent Boucher wrote:
> In our university lab we are setting up a hub for project developments.
> Trac tracks the bugs and manage the users. Bazaar and SVN would be the
> VCS tools (depending on the project).
> The SSH does not fit our requirements since there's no matching between
> the SSH users and the Trac users (htpasswd file) -> not convenient at
> all for the management and the users.
> For SVN, the solution is to use Apache+WebDAV. There is a module, "dav_svn", that permits to use apache as a smart server for svn! In addition, it allows to use fine grained permissions on a per file or per directory basis through a "authz " file.
> Users are sourced from the Trac's htpasswd file.
> For Bazaar over WebDAV, users can also be matched with the Trac's
> htpasswd file, thanks to Apache stuff. Unfortunately, WebDAV remains
> dumb against Bazaar :-(
> In conclusion:
> A great feature that could make WebDAV smarter ;-) for Bazaar: a
> "dav_bzr" module for Apache with the same scope as the "dav_svn" module
> (with authz feature and autoversioning).

You can already proxy the bzr smart server over http requests. See


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