Comment 40 for bug 396268

Alistair Buxton (a-j-buxton) wrote :

Been doing some more testing today, and I have a testcase:

1. Completely clear out the banshee library and config:

rm -rf ~/.config/banshee-1
rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/banshee-1
rm -rf ~/.cache/banshee-1

2. Start up banshee (it should be like the first time) and turn off all plugins except Play Queue.

3. Import a specially crafted MP3 which is 0.1 seconds long.

4. Set Playback->Repeat->Repeat Single

5. Play the MP3

Result: Banshee CPU usage swings wildly between 0 and 125%, the UI becomes slow and unresponsive, virtual memory usage increases by 8mb per second, and while I was writing this, it crashed.