Comment 72 for bug 82927

jerrylamos (jerrylamos) wrote :

I'm jerrylamos, an originator of this bug report. It absolutely persists even on Hardy Release Candidate. By the way, apart from some niggling bugs, Hardy Rocks!

During boot, the wired connection comes up, works absolutely fine, and then later on in boot Network Manager disables it. I can only conclude the (debian?) programmer thought an adapter like this wouldn't work, and in gross oversight didn't check that it was working fine before arbitrarily disabling it.

I do a "sudo dhclient" just like it says in The Ubuntu Book, the connection comes up fine, internet works fine, local lan connections work fine, and the:

Network Manager still says "No network connection" even though the network is running very well, thank you. Still a red mark on the NM icon, passing the cursor over it NM says "No network connection" as I'm reading BBC News and playing You Tube Leona Lewis videos.

I'm not a developer, just an ordinary user (of alpha's, beta's, release candidates, and even released code) so I can't get into the code to tell Network Manager "if the connection already is running, don't disable it on purpose!" and before saying "No network connection" check to see whether it is running or not.

Thanks, Jerry