Comment 28 for bug 3339

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 03:27:58AM -0000, will_in_wi wrote:
> I am not familiar with this, but is it possible to integrate the
> recently merged kernel mode switching code into grub2?

GRUB 2 does not use the Linux kernel at all; it is not possible to
integrate Linux kernel modesetting directly. GRUB 2 has its own
graphical terminal support.

The best we can do is to ensure that GRUB 2 remains in graphical mode on
exit (currently, it unconditionally switches back to text mode) if we're
booting a kernel with modesetting support, or perhaps simply a new
enough kernel that knows what to do. However, I would very much
appreciate it if that were addressed in a *separate* bug report; it is
not really directly related to this one.