Comment 16 for bug 682788

"So basically the only time when window menu is better would be when someone has a very high Res screen (> 1920*1200)"
I think a menu for every window is better from 1280x1024.

"... That is an extremely small corner case..."
Does anyone at least have statistics what resolutions are used the most among Ubuntu users? Otherwise, these talks have no point. I think the global menu is not necessary and better for the most users (just my opinion based on what resolutions myself and my friends use). I would say that because of minority of netbook users, majority of desktop users is forced to use less convenient way to work with apps.

BTW there is one thing most people who discuss use of global menus omit. It's the fact that it makes unclear for users what belongs to the open app and what does not. I remember how difficult it was for my mum to differentiate between what' "inside" the app and what doesn't belong to it. It may sound strange for us, power users, but for many people, it's not easy to see borders of apps. Until now, app borders were defined by windows. Unity changes it and confuses new users even more.