Comment 16 for bug 5364

... it should support both static addresses AND network profiles for mobile users.
Further, there should be only one way to set up network interfaces :network-admin or network manager.
As I posted on another bug report, network admin can do some things but miserably fails at others and viceversa for network manager. This makes using any of the tools impossible for certain setups.
The way I see this is a tool that works above the classic debian "interfaces" network config system, which allows both automatic network sellection, allows profiles, etc.
network admin and network manager on the other hand have serious shortcomings :
-NM does not know about /etc/network/interfaces - which very hard sucks.
- NM does not allow multiple network profiles
- NA knows about interfaces file which is good.
- NA knows about network profiles but is very buggy at this, and it does not use the standard interfaces mapping scheme for profiles, which again sucks as it can create a lot of confusions and problems.
- NA does not know about WPA (it only knows WEP ) when configuring wireless interfaces. This again sucks, as WEP is quite buggy and WPA is used now for secure networks.

So, for a highly (laptop) mobile user, who moves into a lot of networks, both wired and wireless, sometimes having the same ip in two different networks (not simultaneously, of course), sometimes using dhcp sometimes not, etc there is a very high need for a smarter tool that :
- Will not be entirely on its own (should rely on the standard debian infrastructure as much as possible and not try to reinvent the wheel)
- Will not be dependent on user to login or have a graphic environment to work (think servers !)
- Will support WPA for wireless cards
-Will support multiple profiles, both wired and wireless
-will support both static and dynamic addresses.