Comment 0 for bug 891620

John Lea (johnlea) wrote :

Add SUPER+TAB switching mode that enables the user to switch applications via the Launcher.

Desired functionality:
- Pressing SUPER+TAB opens the Launcher (if it is closed), and highlights the top icon in the Launcher.
- Each time TAB is pressed while super is held down the highlight moves one icon downwards.
- Holding down SHIFT at the same time as also holding SUPER and pressing TAB moves the highlight one icon upwards.
- The visual style of the highlight is exactly the same as the Alt+F1 highlight.
- Releasing the SUPER key performs the equivalent action to left clicking on the highlighted Launcher icon (e.g. if the app is not running, releasing the SUPER launches that app.
- In a multi-monitor environment, this interaction happens on the monitor with the currently focused window.