Comment 40 for bug 882274

TitanKing (titan-phpdevshell) wrote :

I think the community is too hard on Shuttleworth and his team (maybe even selfish), they are truly trying to achieve a vision here, lets honor this. I honor what they have done for Linux and open source thus far. I mean I use Launchpad for my own open source projects exclusively and I understand allot about making decisions. Sometimes you have a vision and to keep that enthusiastic flame burning, at times you have to do something exciting with your own creation, in the end it benefits everyone if it succeeds. Let Canonical push through their vision, if Unity makes it to the Desktop of millions it will benefit us enormously.

I like to think of myself as a Linux power user, Ubuntu is much more than the desktop environment, don't forget the excellent backbone it runs on. Although Unity does not fit my needs, I moved over to Xfce, and I fell in love with it. I honestly think there is nothing to complain about. If you don't like Unity and call yourself a power user, its time to more on and let them do their work, as a power user you should realize that there are beautiful alternatives.

Mark, please don't think the community is unappreciative of what you have done so far, they are just worried that their favorite Open Source tool might be falling apart, while the exact opposite is happening. I think you might want to market Xubuntu for power users more as it grossly underestimated, the solution is there, people just need to realize the alternative is great!