Comment 23 for bug 870404

mattubu (mattubu) wrote :

Petko - I like your idea a lot (saves a keystroke) but I still see several problems:
- you still have a consistency problem when trying to go back up to the search bar (sometimes two sometimes one upstroke)
- you also have a consistency problem going down to files - it's two strokes if there are files to expand, and only one if there aren't
- you can't use the arrow keys to move your cursor
- (this is really nitpicky and likely isn't consistent across apps and of course subject to change) in firefox you need to downpress once to get to the first hit from the awesome bar.

pshyper - I like your solution too but I don't know how intuitive it would be. I have a hard time imagining a first-time user thinking "oh I can select more files by pressing tab" and instead see him/her frustrated that he/she has to click to expand. I think it would be easier in this case to just list all the apps, and then have a message that says "press tab for files and music" or something like that.

Regarding my mockup - That was a bad example. I should have just typed in "f" and put the "x more apps" in the applications line. In my mockup this would be where the "x more files " would be for the files section.